We will be enforcing a 5m distancing rule and, for the time being, we will not be able to supply our regular teas, coffees, chocolates and biscuits, so please bring your own, plus a mug!

With regard to equipment, this will be allocated, depending on the job, at the start, and will not be allowed to be swapped during the session. At the end of each session all equipment will be disinfected (already purchased).  Please as most people do anyway, bring your own stout gloves and shoes / boots.

Whilst working in public spaces, via new signage, we will be asking the public to avoid our areas of work.

We believe that being outdoors, in the sunshine (hopefully), getting some valuable exercise should present an excellent healthy environment——— plus of course  other like-minded people to “shout” at from at least a 5m distance!

Our work sites from the restart subject to dates, will of course be Warren Wood and some fruit tree planting at Holy Trinity School at West End.

I can tell you that we will stick to the Warren Woods date format for work parties as the second Thursday and third Saturday of each month, 10:00 till 13:00 hrs,  for August it will be Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th of that month. Please get the dates onto the kitchen diary / calendar! I will write again nearer the time, however enjoy your Summer till then.

Please take care and stay safe!

19/06/2020 Jerry Brownlee

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