The following pictures are taken of Warren Wood in February and April respectively. The first shows the Native Daffodils which are now starting to show.  The flowering area now extends year on year, due totally to the magnificent work our Volunteers have done over the last four and a half years. Prior to that, like a number of native plants and bird song, these were not to be seen or heard in the woodland.

The next pictures show a Brown Long-eared Bat. This bat we rarely find along the valley, even though they are relatively common. To have bats using our boxes in Warren Wood and Windlesham is really positive and hopefully will only increase! This result is again, a testament to the hard work from all our volunteers.

Did you know? The brown long-eared bat is known as the ‘whispering bat’, because its voice is very quiet – no need to shout when you have such big ears! While at rest, it tends to either curl its ears back or tuck them under its wing

A polite reminder that checking bat boxes, once they have had a bat in them, is only allowed under licence.

Photos courtesy of Bernard and Marie

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