Trees should be valued not just for their beauty but also because of the wide range of eco-services they deliver, supporting human life and the wider Ecosphere.  Those services are essential for human health and also have a very high economic value from the materials and eco-services they deliver.

Trees are one of the key drivers of the terrestrial biodiversity, maintaining soil and water quality and creating natural habitats for much of our wildlife. Trees provide  ‘green corridors’ between urban spaces and play a major role in removing pollutants from our atmosphere. On a local level, trees are a key constituent of Surrey Heath’s many nature reserves, woodlands, heaths and meadows, providing outdoor spaces for us to enjoy and for wildlife to flourish.

This is why we are committed to our education program communicating the value of trees to the wider community and especially young persons.

Surrey Heath Tree Wardens aims to provide education on the benefits of conservation and the protection of the environment.  We do that through talks and presentations to Schools, Community Groups and Public Events. As part of this strategy, we have rolled out our Education Programme to all state Infant and Junior schools in Surrey Heath involving Heads, Governors, Teachers and Eco Champions.   The programme will ensure that Surrey Heath’s children are able to understand the value of trees to the entire community

Thanks for their hard work on this programme go to Trefor Hogg for the main authorship, Jon Hills for help, advice and enabling it to happen, plus support from Stihl for providing incentives for the children participating in the programme.

Autumn Oak-Chobham

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

-Chinese Proverb