Here you can find updates from our working parties…

May 2021 Progress

Volunteers providing plant protection around an area of the lovely woodland pond (and Duck house) at Windlesham Field of Remembrance

Semi-mature Horse Chestnut Tree planted in Warren Woods, Frimley

In November 2020 we planted this semi mature Horse Chestnut Tree in Warren Woods, Frimley. The tree was donated by a resident who backs on to this precious woodland. The tree was planted by a young man from Surrey Choices, a local authority trading company giving vulnerable young people a meaningful start to working life

Some pictures of our work at Fairfield Drive entrance

Another busy morning for us was had at Warren Wood on the 21st September- besides continuing to work away at removing laurel and reducing the holly to more manageable proportions we also found time on this morning to clear the stinging nettles from the Fairfield Drive entrance. Before Jerry and Martin started work and after can be seen below.

…as well as some of our favourite images from the community

Tulip Tree-Liriodendron tulipifera at Crawley Ridge Junior School
Blackwater Park
Chobham Water Meadows
By The Basingstoke Canal
Brentmoor Heath Scots Pines
Barossa Winter
Watchmoor Park Lakes
Holly Hedge Green Space and its Giant Redwoods