Planting a single tree benefits the environment, wildlife, and community. But nurturing the growth of a tree, especially as a child, encourages something much greater! Get Planting with SHTWs is our way of cultivating a deeper connection with our natural environment, planting that seed of fascination with the world around us.

Which trees can I plant?

  • Beech Horse
  • Chestnut (Conkers)
  • Elder
  • Oak (Acorn)
  • Sweet Chestnut

What do I need?

  • Your chosen plant seed(s)
  • Plant pot (at least 10cm tall) with drainage holes at the bottom
  • Compost/soil
  • Strong stick for support
  • A few small stones

How do I plant my seed?

  • Place the stones at base of the post and fill the pot 2cm from the top with compost
  • Plant the seeds approximately 2cm deep, pat down the overlaying soil/compost
  • Water! Ensure the seed receives plenty of water to sustain its growth

What do I do next?

  1. Every week check your tree to ensure the soil has not dried out. However, be careful to not overwater!
  2. Once your sapling has reached a height of at least 1 metre, which may take up to a year and a half, register using the link below.