On this page you can find our health & safety standards to ensure your safety when joining our working parties.


As you will know, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Government has imposed various restrictions. We are still permitted to operate under the Tier 4 rules although this may change at any time.

When the current lockdown restrictions are eased we will look to update you as to whether or not working parties will resume – with the following safety measures.

As a charity we ask everyone who does come along to volunteer to take every precaution possible and to follow the government’s “hands, face, space” guidance

Our health and safety principles

Social Distancing

We strictly enforce a 5m distancing rule during working party hours

Restrictive Public right of way

We erect signage to the general public during working hours to temporarily close off the area. This is so we can protect you as well as others.

Tools and equipment

Equipment is allocated at the start of each session, and is not allowed to be swapped during the session. At the end of each session all equipment is totally disinfected and cleaned.

PPE provision

Wearing an appropriate and good quality mask is required at all times – when not working. Hand Sanitiser will be available throughout and you are encouraged to make full use of this during working parties.


High-vis jackets and protective gloves used during sessions

PPE used at all times on site