For further details on our events, please do not hesitate to contact Jerry Brownlee at:

or by phone

07989 563131

On this page you can find all our upcoming events

Below summarises the events you can join as a volunteer. Please bring your own refreshments and drinks. Wear stout shoes, long trousers and also bring some decent Garden Gloves.

If you would like to join an event please contact Jerry Brownlee (details on the LHS of page) so we can manage volunteer numbers

Regular Events

Clearance of Invasive Species and Planting at Warren Woods

We are now in “tidy up” and “maintenance” mode at Warren Wood including the removal of some Snowberry growth, which has sadly taken over small parts of the woodland, and needs to be cleared.

Dates: Thursday 6th October

(The second Thursday and third Saturday of each Month, going forward)

Time: 10:00-13:00

Location: Warren Woods GU16 8SW

Mainly Clearance Of Invasive Species at Windlesham Field or Remembrance

Dates: Tuesday 27th September, Tuesday 4th October, Tuesday 25th October

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Location: Windlesham Field of Remembrance, Kennel Lane, GU20 6AA

RMA Sandhurst

Work will be to reduce invasive species, namely, Ivy, Rhododendron, Laurel and Holly, to help rebalance the woodland. There are some lovely old trees present that are under huge pressure from the above.

Date: 24th September, 22nd October

Location: Entrance to site will be via the Gatehouse on London Road, A30, opposite Camberley Town Centre

Security on site is of prime concern so there is a lengthy application process. Please reach out to Jerry Brownlee for further details (contact information available at the top of the page)

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